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QA Head

Job Responsibilities
  1. Lead the Quality Team in developing continual quality improvements and ensure implementation and effectiveness of quality system are fulfilling the applicable quality and regulatory and client requirements.
  2. Assures quality products and processes by establishing and enforcing quality standards and testing materials and products.
  3. Establishes quality and reliability standards by studying product and consumer requirements with other members of management.
  4. Develops raw material standards by studying manufacturing and engineering requirements, conferring and negotiating with suppliers, and devising testing methods and procedures.
  5. Implements in-process product inspection standards by studying manufacturing methods and devising testing methods and procedures according to applicable regulations and client requirements.
  6. Establishes standards for the disposition of finished product by devising evaluation tests, methods, and procedures according to applicable regulations and client requirements.
  7. Institutes rework standards by devising inspection and physical testing methods and procedures.
  8. Creates product quality documentation system by writing and updating quality assurance procedures according to applicable regulations and client requirements.
  9. Maintains product quality and compliance by enforcing quality assurance policies and procedures according to applicable standards and regulations.
  10. Prepares product and process quality reports by collecting, analysing, and summarising information and trends.
  11. Completes quality assurance operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees and following up on work results.
  12. Develops a strong quality & regulatory organization by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees on all relevant QA elements.
  13. Complaint Handling, Auditing, Supplier management, statistical methods.
  14. Manages quality assurance staff job results by coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees.
  15. Establishes standard operating procedure according to applicable standard for the business and compliance to quality/regulatory requirements.
  16. To lead and drive quality excellence by working with various functional leads, to ensure quality capability meets/exceeds manufacturing requirements/standard in order to deliver quality products.
  17. To render support to Program Management initiatives and activities, to meet/exceed clients' expectations.
  18. Ensure the overall compliance for both internal and external audits to be carried out.
  19. Responsible for quality assurance and control of incoming materials, in-process products and final release finished goods activities.
  20. Review and troubleshoot quality issues and also implement rectification/improvement actions.
  21. Lead the Quality Department in achieving quality objectives.
  1. More than 10 years of experience in managing manufacturing quality assurance.
  2. Experienced Department Head Positions.
  3. Knowledge of SPC (Statistical Process Control)/Six Sigma ( preferably ), 8D and QCC tools & Quality System/ISO 9001 and/or relating quality system.
  4. Self-growing - Willing to learn new knowledge.
  5. Willing to share - Willing to train/teach colleagues & staffs.
  6. Strong Execution Force/Follow-up capability.
  7. Positive & Open-minded.
  8. Able to communicate with clients/suppliers effectively.
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Copyright 2024 by Cape EMS Berhad 199901026859 (501759-M)
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