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At Cape, we foster a culture of empowerment and encourage all our team members to pursue their professional and personal goals. We actively challenge individuals to innovate and propose new ideas for the company, even allowing them to create additional job responsibilities if they have unique aspirations. Our self-developed human interactive appraisal system is in place to ensure that every employee is treated with the utmost integrity and care, reflecting our commitment to their growth and well-being.
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IQC ENGINEER Posted on 22/04/2024
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Leads a team of QC inspectors to ensure compliance with product specifications. They prepare Control Plans, sampling procedures, and develop forms for recording quality data, implementing methods for testing product precision.


Job Responsibilities
  1. To lead a team of QC inspectors to ensure all products shipped to clients comply with specification & requirement.
  2. Preparation of product Control Plan, layout sampling procedures, develops forms and instructions for recording, evaluating, and reporting quality and reliability data.
  3. Develops and implements methods and procedures for inspecting, testing, and evaluating the precision and accuracy of products and/or production equipment.
  4. Responsible for the final disposition decision of any non-conformance raw material/component/ finish goods.
  5. Coordinate inspectors engaged in measuring and testing product and tabulating data concerning materials, product or process quality and reliability.
  6. Preparation of training material and conducts training sessions on quality control activities.
  7. Supports Product Engineers and Quality Managers with customer interfaces as necessary on quality related issues.
  8. Assures data availability and integrity for all quality related data. Consolidates and reports quality results.
  9. Initiates corrective action requests as needed and tracks to satisfactory completion.
  10. Assists with the development and implementation of quality audits.
  11. Responsible for developing, applying, revising, and maintaining quality standards for processing materials into partially finished or finished products.
  12. Analyzes reported and returned products and recommends corrective action
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, in related field.
  2. At least 2 years of working experience in IQC department.
  3. Candidates fluent in Mandarin are preferred as the role requires dealing with Mandarin-speaking clients.
  4. Candidates with an engineering background in the EMS environment will have an added advantage.
PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Posted on 22/04/2024
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Production Supervisors are the backbone of manufacturing, blending technical expertise with leadership finesse. From coordinating resources to empowering teams, they drive productivity and excellence, shaping the backbone of industrial success.


Job Responsibilities
  1. To coordinate and ensure all line activities such as manpower, material, engineering, etc. are carried out successfully.
  2. To lead a team of line leaders, trainers, material handlers & operators to meet daily quantity and quality targets.
  3. To train a team of line leaders, trainers, material handlers, and operators to carry out work efficiently.
  4. To motivate a team of line leaders, trainers, material handlers, and operators to achieve high working morale.
  5. To monitor the line scrapped material yield and material attrition rate.
  6. To ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the production line.
  7. To enforce that all line workers should follow all company regulations and safety requirements.
  8. To ensure line out report is done hourly.
  9. To help the Senior Supervisor to execute all planned and unplanned activities.
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree / Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree.
  2. At least 3 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  3. Good supervisory and communication skills.
  4. Ability to work independently and work in a team.
  5. Required Skill(s): ISO9001, Supervisory.
  6. Disciplined executor of responsibilities.
WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR Posted on 22/04/2024
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Masters of logistics, they orchestrate the storage and flow of goods in distribution centers, ensuring efficient operations and timely shipments through expert team leadership.


Job Responsibilities
  1. Plan, organize, supervise, and participate in daily warehouse operations and activities, including the receipt, documentation, storage, safety and distribution of equipment and supplies, and maintenance of inventory.
  2. Train, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned warehouse employees and assign workloads to warehouse workers.
  3. Receive, unpack, pack, load, issue, store, and deliver materials, textbooks, supplies, or equipment; complete packing slips for shipments as assigned.
  4. Route, schedule, pack, and prepare orders for delivery; load vehicles; schedule and oversee deliveries and pick-ups.
  5. Supervise the processing of requisitions and requests to invoice for reimbursements of warehouse codes; complete requisitions for needed materials to ensure adequate stock levels.
  6. Prepare and maintain a variety of records and logs and prepare reports as required; maintain inventory of items in the warehouse; file records as required; supervise the assembly of inventory printouts and catalogs as required.
  7. Monitor automated warehousing system; operate a computer to enter data, correct errors, and control key screens as required.
  8. Operate and demonstrate the use of specialized warehouse equipment as necessary; ensure proper and routine maintenance and servicing of warehouse vehicles and equipment.
  9. Observe health and safety regulations; maintain the warehouse in a clean, safe, and orderly condition.
  10. Assist management in establishing warehouse standards and procedures; advise of budget-related needs; assist in the bid process for various supplies as required.
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree / Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree.
  2. At least 3 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  3. Good command of English & Malay (spoken and written).
  4. Results-oriented, strong follow-up, and good negotiation skills.
  5. Pleasant personality and ability to interact with all levels of people.
  6. Able to operate forklifts and reach trucks will be an added advantage.
  7. A good working knowledge of health and safety and security requirements.
  8. Willing to work overtime on weekends or public holidays.
  9. Have a valid license Class D or Class E with GDL would be advantageous.
LORRY DRIVER Posted on 22/04/2024
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Navigating the highways with skill and precision, they are the lifeline of transportation, delivering goods safely and timely across vast distances, connecting businesses and customers.


Job Responsibilities
  1. Deliver goods to ensure an adequate and safe supply for vendors and customers.
  2. To deliver the company’s goods to customers or other parties as assigned by the company representative.
  3. To collect items/goods from customers, suppliers, or other parties as assigned by the company representative.
  4. Maintain the cleanliness of the lorry by regularly cleaning it.
  5. To assist in goods preparation works as instructed by the company representative.
  6. To be responsible for workplace 5S housekeeping activities.
  7. Load and unload goods to and from the Lorry.
  8. Ensure the goods have safely arrived at the destinations.
  9. Perform delivery tasks on time based on schedule and superior.
  10. Conduct stock-take as scheduled and ensure inventory accuracy.
  11. Perform all store activities such as receiving and inspecting incoming goods and issuing goods.
  1. SPM/STPM/Diploma in any field or equivalent.
  2. Candidate must possess a valid lorry driving license - Class GDL (E)
  3. Applicants must be willing to work in Senai, Johor
  4. Positive working attitude and good health.
  5. Trustworthy, punctual, honest, possess safe driving skills & good attendance record.
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The driving force behind project success, they support program managers in planning, organizing, and executing initiatives. With a blend of strategic thinking and operational prowess, they ensure seamless coordination and efficient project delivery.


Job Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for meeting and delivering all commercial aspects of the account and with the support of a multifunctional Customer Focus Team (CFT) coordinate the delivery of products and services, aligned with the expectations of the client.
  2. Coordinates the development and implementation of Global Account strategies and projects through the CFT.
  3. Ensure compliance to contract and/or customer-specific requirements/Statement of Work (SOW) and be responsible for documenting additional agreements not included in the contract.
  4. Develop and maintain business relationships; Maximize customer satisfaction. Manage the relationship with the customer through monthly or quarterly reviews, or as needed, to communicate deliveries, open commitments, or overall progress of the account.
  5. Coordinates with the CFT the actions necessary for compliance with the targets agreed with the customer (quality, testing, materials, processes, etc.)
  6. Coordinates the process of Viewpoint, where customer and GAM satisfaction is reviewed; It includes the implementation of actions with the organization to improve.
  7. Monitors, reports and coordinates any troubleshooting of accounts receivables (AR).
  8. Approves changes to standard costs and updates sales price at least every quarter. Claims raw materials revaluation to the customer when applicable.
  9. Coordinate communication and relationship with the segment group on account strategy and commercial aspects.
  10. Coordinates with the CFT the introduction of new products through FPLC methodology and is accountable for tracking project completion on time.
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, or Professional Degree, in a related discipline.
  2. At least 3 years of working experience of working experience and exposure in Program Management.
  3. Candidates fluent in Mandarin preferred as the role requires candidates to deal with Mandarin-speaking clients.
  4. Understand the business and can forecast revenue and control costs ensuring compliance with the quote and contract agreements.
  5. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical operations, supply chain, and financial reports. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers.
  6. Ability to effectively present information to internal and external executive management.
  7. Demonstrates expert functional, technical, and people and/or process management skills.
  8. Possess strong, effective communications skills.
  9. Able to work independently and customer focused.
PROGRAM ENGINEER Posted on 02/02/2024
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As a Program Engineer, you'll oversee new product transfers and project management, focusing on timely order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Your role involves close interaction with customers for product development and managing request.


Job Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for new product transfer, project management, scheduling order fulfillment, and overall customer satisfaction.
  2. Able to maintain close interface with existing and potential customers on product and technology development.
  3. Communicate customers’ needs effectively to all functional groups.
  4. Responsible and takes ownership of Request for Quotation (RFQ) submission.
  5. Bill of Materials (BOM) setup in SAP system.
  6. Responsible for raising internal Engineering Change Order (ECO) & and managing that once received an official Engineering Change Notice (ECN) from the customer.
  7. Project Management of New Product Introduction (NPI) to ensure it is timely, accurate, and of good quality.
  8. Active Management of NPI materials to make sure obsoleted or inactive materials after NPI builds are resolved with customers timely.
  9. Lead the change management.
  1. Bachelor’s degree in mechanical/ electrical/ manufacturing/ Program or equivalent.
  2. Min. 2 years of working experience in Project/ Program Management, Customer Service in a manufacturing environment.
  3. Strong project management and organizational skills, with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels within the organization and with overseas customers.
  4. Have related experience in NPI/ Manufacturing/ new program management/ sales.
  5. Candidates fluent in Mandarin preferred as the role requires candidates to deal with Mandarin-speaking clients.
  6. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
FINANCE MANAGER Posted on 02/02/2024
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Oversees financial reporting, compliance, and analysis, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and regulatory adherence. They manage financial statements, streamline processes, and provide insights through analysis and forecasting.


Job Responsibilities
a) Financial Reporting and Compliance – Company Level:
  • Prepare and review financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  • Ensure timely and accurate financial reporting in compliance with relevant accounting standards and regulations.
  • Coordinate internal and external audits, providing necessary documentation and addressing audit findings.
b) Financial Reporting and Compliance – Consolidation Level:
  • Manage the preparation and consolidation of financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, in accordance with applicable accounting standards.
  • Ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency in financial reporting across all entities within the consolidated company.
  • Coordinate the elimination of intercompany transactions and balances in consolidation process, by collaborating with subsidiary finance teams to gather financial data, resolve intercompany mismatches.
c) Process Improvement and Systems Enhancement:
  • Continuously evaluate and improve financial reporting processes and systems to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and data integrity.
  • Identify opportunities to automate financial reporting tasks and implement best practices.
  • Collaborate with IT teams to enhance financial reporting systems and implement necessary upgrades or changes.
d) Financial Analysis and Insights:
  • Provide financial analysis and insights on the consolidated group's performance, highlighting key trends, variances, and areas of improvement.
  • Support decision-making processes by providing accurate and timely financial information and forecasts.
  • Conduct financial modeling and scenario analysis to assess the impact of potential business decisions or changes in market conditions.
e) Statutory Reporting and Compliance:
  • Stay updated on accounting standards, regulations, and reporting requirements applicable to the consolidated company to ensure compliance with statutory reporting obligations and regulatory filings.
  • Coordinate internal and external audits, providing necessary documentation and addressing audit findings related to financial reporting.
  • Managing and overseeing the preparation and submission of quarterly financial reports and annual reports to Bursa Malaysia, for ensuring compliance with Bursa Malaysia's listing requirements and regulations regarding the timely and accurate disclosure of financial information.
f) Budget and Forecast Reporting:
  • Responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring the financial plans, budgets, and forecasts to support effective financial management and decision-making.
  • Works closely with various stakeholders, including senior management, department heads, and finance teams, to ensure accurate and timely budgeting and forecasting activities.
g) Cost Management:
  • Monitor and control manufacturing costs, including direct materials, labor, and overhead expenses.
  • Analyze cost drivers, identify cost-saving opportunities, and implement cost reduction initiatives.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize production processes and improve cost efficiencies.
h) Cash Flow Management:
  • Manage cash flow and liquidity, including cash forecasting, working capital management, and treasury operations.
  • Monitor and analyze cash flow trends, ensuring adequate funding for day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives.
  • Implement cash management strategies to optimize cash position and mitigate financial risks.
i) Tax Reporting and Compliance:
  • Prepare and review provisional and final tax computation.
  • Ensure timely and accurate tax reporting in liaising with tax agent.
j) Inventory Control:
  • Managing and maintaining optimal levels of inventory
  • Overseeing the entire inventory management process
k) Investor Relations:
  • Managing and overseeing financial reporting activities specifically related to investors.
  • Ensuring accurate and transparent communication of financial information to investors, shareholders, analysts, and other stakeholders.
  • Acts as a bridge between the finance department and the external investment community, providing insights and analysis to support effective decision-making and maintain investor confidence.
  1. A recognized degree and/or professional qualification in Accounting, Finance, or other related areas.
  2. Minimum of 4-5 years working experience in corporate finance-related roles in similar entities.
  3. Good analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.
  4. Excellent writing and communication skills with a good command of spoken and written English.
  5. Adaptive in challenging situations and able to undertake diversified tasks and responsibilities.
  6. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
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