Dr. Tan Juan Boon

Chief Strategy Officer
Dr. Tan assumed his role as Chief Strategy Officer at Cape EMS Berhad on 2nd October 2023, where he is responsible for corporate strategic planning and execution. His impressive background includes a Doctorate in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, where he excelled as a Rhodes Scholar. Notably, he holds the title of Master Inventor, boasting more than 100 patents.
He has over 25 years in the semiconductor industry in his career. Between 1996 and 2010, Dr. Tan served as Deputy Director (R&D) at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturer in Singapore. During this period, he led a team overseeing critical activities from the middle-end-of-line to the back-end-of-line, collaborating with industry giants like IBM to successfully implement advanced technologies, including Cu/low-K, with a positive return on investment. His involvement also extended to spearheading interconnects co-development with Lucent and developing a 0.35~0.22μm lithography process for manufacturing.
In his role at GlobalFoundries in Singapore, Dr. Tan held positions as a Director and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. He actively contributed to patent advocacy, review, and IP defense, and demonstrated deep expertise in Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) process integration. His leadership was pivotal in various technology development initiatives, ensuring the seamless qualification of technology, manufacturing transfers, and ramp-up processes for different semiconductor nodes, including the 180~40nm range and the strategic roadmap for Heterogeneous Integration.
Beyond his technical expertise, Dr. Tan exhibited exceptional leadership qualities, leading cross-functional task forces and fostering collaborative research with NTU. He also led an automotive task force, addressed process variations, and oversaw non-volatile memory projects and client transfer programs. His commitment to talent development was evident through his mentorship of PhD postgraduates and his role in the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Management Council, which emphasized continuous technical expertise and troubleshooting. Dr. Tan's appointment as Chief Strategy Officer underscores his role in guiding Cape EMS Berhad's corporate strategic initiatives.